And this one’s for the 5:30 A.M. bird on the roof of the building in which I could be sleeping…

“I love to hear you get undressed” Jim Morrison tells me, and then, “I don’t care how loud you snore”…thanks!

It’s around 5:20 A.M. and the work that I am doing here is free from any and all constraints except the most important one…(you know)…(my brain)

There is a lid, somewhere, on the world, there is a lid, she says. Or said, and I’ve remembered.

Jim’s back again: “do you want a little sooouuul?”

He was probably a good man. And that might be all I want currently. A few of those.

Teachers die easily, it seems…

What else do I spend my time with but the conversion of energy from love to love to lover?

And what else can I do but come to the very edge of you?

And to come even that close, takes a stomach.

About mollygriffin

I am a student at Bennington College in Vermont.
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